Words to Live By – Strive to Be the Best Version of Yourself

In Life & Travel by Jackie Cruz

My uncle – a lawyer and out-of-this-world licensing agent by day and a West Coast singer and songwriter bangin’ beats in Los Angeles clubs by night – once told me he’d “…rather have the worst house in the best neighborhood.” At first, before one of our many invigorating discussions about real estate and finance (no joke when I say amazing conversations), I questioned his advice. The worst house? Why would you want to start out having the worst house? Why would you want to put so much effort, time and money into something only in hopes of having the value increase in such a hard economy?

Well, was I ever wrong! Why would someone want a significantly lower-valued house in an amazing neighborhood? If choosing correctly, the value will only go up. This seems obvious to anyone over the age of 25, however, there is definitely more to the story than home investments and appraisals. Although he was only speaking about homes in that moment, I did not realize until later that his advice was applicable in so many ways. These values I continue to embrace and implement into every aspect of my life.

To me, having the worst house in the best neighborhood means always striving to improve and exceed the level of those around you. It means to always surround yourself with the best in your profession because that is the only way you will learn your trade, have success and do it better than your predecessors.

I apply this extremely important lesson that my uncle taught me to all aspects of life. If I need a trainer or therapist in Erfurt, I didn’t just look on Yelp or Google (which are amazing sources), I searched where FC Rot Weiss Erfurt, the 3rd Bundesliga men’s soccer team, goes and then tried to get an appointment. Thankfully, I am going to an amazing therapy practice for high performance athletes at Physio 4 Me and feel like my old self again.

Soon after you start to learn, practice and perfect whatever it is you are working on, your skills, talent or results will be closer or up-to-par with others. Your “worst house” will be closer to achieving million dollar status with the other houses in the neighborhood.

Currently, being on the 1st division team – I am not the best and I have to work my way up. I have experience and my strong points, however, my resume is not as strong as the girls who have played in the best league in the world for many years. However, I am still persevering and happy! Why do you ask? The only choice I have is to get better. The only direction to go is up. The only way up is to set daily, weekly and monthly goals, and to devote every training and game toward accomplishing those goals. Not only will I help my performance, but I will help the team as well in the future.

If you want to be the best, surround yourself with the top dogs! Stay hungry, stay driven and take every opportunity as a personal challenge to become you who want to be.

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