Expat.com – A New Way to Connect Abroad

In Life & Travel by Jackie Cruz

Designed by expatriates for expatriates in 2005, Expat.com has provided its community with advice, guidance and adventures. The success and development has been driven by the values of friendliness, respect and mutual understanding. Everyone has its place within the community and will find the help and resources to make their life abroad worthwhile!

The website focuses on 8 global regions – Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania and South America – and has a community of over 1.5 million expatriates or soon-to-be expatriates worldwide. 17 specific cities are highlighted in Germany, but you can still get help in English, French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese through the forum and contacts for almost anywhere. With almost 33,000 members in Germany alone, Expat.com can assist with current living or future relocations.

Living in Germany

Over the years, Expat.com has become a reference site for passionate people looking to prepare an expatriation, share their experience or discover the German culture. Some of those reference tools include the community of members, events, pictures, blogs, expat guide, classifieds and the almighty forum.

The expat guide section provides a ton of information on almost any topic or concern when moving to Germany. There are 15 categories, but I have found the visa, insurance and work topics most handy. If your needs are not met with the guides, a forum is available with individual help topics. With close to 2.6 million posts, there is a solution for everyone!

The online community connects you with all members of Expat.com. Searching by nationality, age and expatriate status helps narrow down what you are looking for. I put in the search restraints pictured below and found over 11 pages of wonderful people to connect with in Germany!

Members can help you a lot, but more importantly, there are blogs. Tons and tons of blogs! Topics include the first 30 days in a new city, best-tasting sausages for foreigners, hidden views of the city, work searches, beers to try from each region, business startups and much more. If you do not find what you need through chats with members or blogs, there is also an abundance of information in the interviews section. Expat.com was kind enough to invite me for an interview last week on my life in Erfurt and in Germany for the last 5 years. I was really excited to share my experience of Erfurt because it is such a wonderful city!

Coming to Germany in 2011, my family and best friend luckily gave me great advice about the culture, food and social etiquette of this amazing country. For those of us who need more information or are totally in the dark about the relocation process, Expat.com provides you with everything you need. Many features have also recently been developed to help the members sort out and plan their moving arrangements. The best feature? Every single resource is absolutely free and easy to use! I cannot imagine my relocations to without Expat.com and I hope you won’t either!