From the Fields of California to Germany – Cal North Catches up With Jackie Cruz

In Life & Travel, Soccer by Jackie Cruz

“I think many people put ceilings on their lives, ambitions, goals and dreams. If we do not set dreams and strive for more than we think we can achieve, we will only be settling for what our minds believe we can achieve.”Jackie Cruz

Last month, I caught up with the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA). They are the leading soccer organization in California, with more than 160,000 players and 42,000 administrators, coaches and volunteers. CYSA was the governing body for all of the leagues I played in growing up in the Bay Area and a catalyst for my success in soccer. I was honored to have my childhood, life and achievements as a main feature for their immense soccer community. Click here to read the story.

“To be able to present your best effort, we all have to prepare. Fitting this theme, the motto on my website is ‘preparation meets opportunity.’ As such, luck can play a role once or twice; however, consistency and practice are what truly make success.”Jackie Cruz