How to Not Shrivel Up in Winter

In Health & Fitness by Jackie Cruz

How does everyone living in northern states and countries still have moisturized, plump skin after winter? Last year at the end of January, I looked in the mirror at 28 and thought I was a witch that lived outdoors on Mt. Everest somewhere. Coming from California, I always had that beautiful, sun-kissed glow, but now, my skin was dry, wrinkled, dark and lackluster. I had a nervous breakdown and started blaming Germany and hating any temperature change that was below 55 degrees. I was ready to move back to the Golden State if this how my body was going to react!

Luckily after those few minutes of ranting, I got on Google and started frantically researching like it was the final project for my MBA degree. I found moisturizers that had chemical ingredients (like extra fragrance, parabens, sulphates, synthetic colors, PEG mixes and anything else I could not pronounce) and was not satisfied. Having extremely sensitive skin, I refined my search to natural and organic products.

Starting with a perfect canvas, your face must be really clean in order for the products to actually work. If it’s not, you will end up putting serums and creams over dirt and clogged pores, which creates more problems. Solution? The Clarisonic Mia 2.

There was life before, and now, there’s life after. Even after scrubs and deep cleansers, my face still felt grimy and not smooth as a baby’s butt. Now, not only have I noticed less wrinkles and smaller pores, but my entire complexion is also smoother and brighter. The dirt from weight training and soccer practice is gone!

This little wonder machine comes with a plastic carrying case and sensitive brush head. After using this for 1 minute, my skin is perfectly prepared for the next processes of serums to take care of other problems and moisturizers to keep my skin hydrated. Directions say to use it 20 seconds for each side of the face and 10 seconds for the chin and forehead, which is so much easier thanks to vibrations every time you need to change sections! Genius!

Next in my arsenal of winter weather fighters is the cult product – Biologique Recherche P50 Lotion. I was first introduced to this line when I got a facial near Encino, CA, by a beautiful woman from Israel. Side note: if you can ever get an official Biologique Recherche facial, get it! They use electric probes with exfoliating sponges to literally lift your skin and restore its health. My facialist did one side of my face at first and it lifted my skin about 1 cm! My favorite product is the non-evasive exfoliating “lotion” – Lotion P50. After cleansing, pour a tiny bit on a cotton ball or pad and rub it all over your face. Your skin might tingle after when it is unbalanced, but after using the cotton pad, take a look! It will be dark, dirty brown and scary! But after the skin is balanced in a few days, your skin will thank you. Find out more here.

Another product from this brand that I just ran out of and is THE best masque I have used is the Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant. It purifies like no other, it balances your skin and it smells like peanut butter and pooh! No impurity or clogged pore on your face is safe when you use this baby!

The Future Cosmetics Beauty Drops (I use #3) are literally what they describe. This jar of wonder sets you back at around $250 + $20 shipping, but lasts over 1 year with daily use. Silk proteins and herbal extracts combine to give you radiant skin in every drop. This smells beautiful, feels wonderful and works to give you a healthy glow. This is one of those hollywood secrets and should be #1 of every list for beauty serums!

The last product I use to seal in moisture is AnneMarie Börlind’s Aqua Nature Moisturizing Creme. It is so soothing, thick, creamy and combats the cold when I’m playing in 30 degree temperatures. This creme, made of almost all organic ingredients in the Black Forest in Germany, uses “botanical hyaluronic acid, bulrush cells and marine plant extracts” to bring your skin back to life. All I can say – shamazing again!

We’ll move along to specific serums now. I’ve used the Vitamin C Serum from OZ Naturals before and had great results, but the Plant Stem Cell Gel, my friends, is the eye gel you need in your beauty bag! I literally put half of a pea-sized amount on my finger and rub it on the bottom and sides of both eyes, as well as a little on the eyelids. If I had to have one eye gel, this would be it! It’s 75% organic, it’s got plants and it’s magic!

Origins GinZing is not on the top of my list for moisturizing products, but for an overnight or morning pick-me-up, this eye cream really brightens and rejuvenates.

When I really feel my skin is super tight after training in the cold, 40-degree weather, I put a thin layer of the ECO Vitamin E and Flower Serum under my moisturizer and it makes my skin so plump and moisturized. The vitamin E deeply hydrates, while the flower oil regenerates skin cells. Even if my face is a bit red from frost bite, the lavender oil in the serum also provides a bit of relief with its soothing properties.

I hope you can take away at least one product you can add to your arsenal of winter weather fighters. It has been a lot of trial and error, so keep trying to find your secret products! I am always open to new suggestions, so if you have any items you would like me to test, feel free to leave a comment or send an email.