POP It with the Power of Positivity!

In Health & Fitness, Life & Travel, Soccer by Jackie Cruz

So many events, people and random things influence our emotions and internal balance. When we want to stay positive, the atmosphere and our environments are constantly working against us. It seems as though sometimes the harder we work to stay mentally strong, the more negative things appear in our lives and try to bring us down.

How does one continue day in and day out to strive for success at work, achieve dreams or accomplish goals that seem so far away or impossible? You can POP it! Use the Power of Positivity everyday!

Yes, it’s a dance move, and yes it’s an acronym for my motto. Ever since then, it has become easier for me to be and stay positive in many situations. I must admit – these moments have sometimes started with negative thoughts, doubts or feelings of hopelessness. However, I make it a point that my thoughts and reflections always end with me repeating POP in the mirror with a Rihanna twerk (for an extra oomph).

Have your Beyoncé or Nicki Minaj moment and “pop it” in the mirror! Write “POP” on a notepad as a morning exercise to remind yourself! Or, keep this great acronym framed on your desk to stay strong throughout the day. It can be a simple popping hand gesture, a clap that signifies a pop or a box of Orville Redenbacher popcorn (that always pops) to remind you!

As long as you’re POP-ing it everyday, you’re golden! There is no easy way toward anything worth doing, really. Regardless of how easy anything looks – everything takes time, talent, hard work and drive. So, practice your talents, use your precious time wisely to work hard on dreams that you want to accomplish and stay positive throughout the entire process!

Regardless of what your method is, POP-ing will make you feel positive and strong. The power of actual staying positive regardless the situation is a true talent and takes a certain state of mind. Once you can achieve that mentality, nothing can keep you down nor prevent you from achieving what you set your mind to!

How do you keep cool when facing obstacles? How do you stay positive?