Power Balls Finished

Power Balls – A Quick, Energetic Treat Before Training

In Health & Fitness, Soccer by Jackie Cruz

What does one need before training? Bite-sized energy balls that are natural, yummy and easy to make!

I was researching raw energy bars a couple years ago on Pinterest one day when I stumbled upon this recipe. “They look like balls of pooh,” I told my boyfriend. “Let’s make ’em!” Despite their appearance, these little circular desserts have been in our freezer ever since.

My addiction to cookie dough started when I used to steal spoonfuls of dough when my mom or grandma made cookies. It was a sugary spoonful of wonder that I knew was bad. I still could not get enough of it!

After buying a small Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream every other time I went to the grocery store, I knew I had to find another way to get my doughy fix.

The main ingredient is cashews – but why? Cashews make a great base for different foods, as is proved by many vegan recipes. Besides that, “cashews may promote the metabolism of sugar into energy, a process called glycolysis” and can control blood sugar levels as is described by Livestrong. One of my favorite resources, Food Facts presented by Dr. Mercola, also explains that cashews have no calories, contain good fats (like those found in olive oil), are a strong source of minerals, have enzymes that protect against UV damage and have magnesium, which helps diminish headaches and reacts with copper in our bodies for bone strength.

Let’s get started!

Large mixing bowl

2 cups cashew nuts
1/2 cup chocolate chips or 1 bar of your favorite chocolate (the crazier flavor combinations, the better!)
2 T agave or honey

1. Put nuts in blender and pulverize.
2. Transfer nuts to bowl.
3. Mix in chocolate chips and sweet stuff by hand. If you have a chocolate bar, break the bar into small pieces and mix in.
4. Use hands to get “dough” out of bowl and form into 1-inch balls. It is a bit more crumbly than regular dough, so use a compressing (instead of circular) motion when making the balls. This part also gets messy, but you can eat the extra batter off your fingers!
5. Place on plate, freeze for at least 2 hours and enjoy!

Do you have energy snacks you use before training? Write them below in the comment area!